Alienation From The Environment Essay

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The evolution happened to human beings over a great span of time and throughout this time, human society has gone through a transformation beginning with the period in which people lived in wilderness and depended on it for bare survival, until two periods where there was technological progress as well as industrialism. As this period occurred, agrarians argued about man becoming alienated from the environment and nature while some people though the opposite. While writing this paper, I have in mind the extent to which modern man became alienated from the natural environment. Modern man is alienated from the environment to which he belongs and agrarians believe that this happened because machines substituted people. Human beings …show more content…

Human beings are complex species compared to other animals and their duty is to regulate nature. They have to observe what is done to nature so that it is not overused and misused. Spirituality makes people bond with nature and perceive it as a part of them. To begin with, spirituality and religions create feelings of interconnectedness and interrelatedness in nature. Individuals from traditional societies feel the intense interconnectedness. They believe that events are the result of actions human beings initiate even though the consequences cannot be fully understood by human beings. For this reason, human culture asks for people to treat nature carefully and with respect in order to avoid bad consequences. This kind of attitude resembles human ecology in a way that human actions generate effects which have serious effects in ecosystems and in social systems. The difference between traditional belief which accentuates interconnectedness and human ecology lies in the fact that traditionalists do not examine the connections thoroughly. Human ecologists are explicit regarding details so that people could understand and predict the possible consequences of their actions. According to spirituality, the quality of nature is that it is benign and this means that it is kind and means well. The opposite of this is perverse and this kind of perception suggests the nature being benign while people preserve the ecosystem without radically

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