Is My Diet Adequate

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Professor Sanchez
Cheri Breen
September 14, 2015
Is My Diet Adequate?

Understanding our diet and nutritional needs can seem overwhelming and often times confusing. We find ourselves stressing about our growing waistline, but are we concerned about what is really important, our health? By tracking my food intake for three days and learning about nutrition through this class, I have gained a better understanding about what our bodies need, and why. As a mother struggling to lose weight after my second child, I decided to take on the low carb diet. I have lost a lot of weight so far, but have realized I need to make some changes to meet my nutritional needs. I have found some huge nutrition gaps

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Here are some side effects of too much or too little of some key nutrients: Too much protein:
Weight gain
Stress on kidneys
Chronic dehydration
Fuel cancer growth Too few carbohydrates:
Mental fatigue 4 Bad breath
Kidney disease Too few lipids:
Vitamin malabsorption which can cause: vitamin deficiencies, poor bone health, night blindness, dry skin, weakened immune system.
Excessive appetite
Mood problems Fiber
Fiber is one of my biggest concerns on my current diet. Because I am eating a low carb diet, a lot of the fiber I would normally consume is left out of my diet. The only carbohydrates that I ingest now are from vegetables. I have noticed this lack of fiber in my diet and have can feel the side effects. In the future I will make sure I eat fiber rich vegetables in my diet as well as take a daily fiber supplement. By doing this, I am sure I will feel better and eliminate the problems I experience from not having enough fiber.
What I Have Learned
I have learned a lot about my diet and the nutritional needs that I am not meeting. I knew that I was not reaching my daily recommended intake for carbohydrates because of my diet, but I was not aware of the other needs that I was not meeting. I now understand I need to focus on eating enough lipids, and fatty acids. I also need to be aware of my fat intake and make sure I am getting less bad fats. While I
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