Essay on Do Multivitamins Extend your Lifespan?

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In our life, the task we do can be tiring, physically as well as emotionally. People who are in
Physical stress is perfect example of stress builders. For example, those who do hard work for long hours, particularly students who work extensively. On the other hand, those people may face mental strain such as having personal problem with their family or co-workers. With all of these example of everyday tense work, multivitamins play a good role, because it helps slow down the effect on aging and reduce the risk of other diseases. In contrast, multivitamin can also have a toxic affect if taken too much of it and particular attention at the liver. With the liver absorbing too much of the multivitamins it can accumulate to reach a toxic …show more content…

For example, the university of melboure conducted a study2 where multivitamins supplementation may be associated with beneficial effects for mood and general well-being. An assessed of 8 to 16 weeks were followed, with 138 healthy young adults between the ages of 20 – 50 years old. Also, people who had high intake of stress were analyzed. The study found that people who were multi- tasking during stressful condition were able to significantly reduced stress.
Given these points, Multivitamin have improve our daily lifestyle with essential vitamins needed to live longer and improve our life. Second, with multivitamin here to help improve our lives the side effect can be very toxic to our bodies. The toxic affects can happen in the long run, where the liver absorbs too much of the toxic nutrient which can a increase chance of death. Furthermore, Csaky-Szunyogh, M, Vereczkey, A, Kosa, Z, and Gerencser, B. report on a study3 where the Congenital heart defect (CHD) assessed by drug treatment and Multivitamins where 38,151 of mothers an out of them was 598 CTD cases. The results were that people who had CTD had a higher risk of fever. Therefore, multivitamin can have an after effect on a individual. In addition, Benton, D, and Donohoe, R.T, report on a study4 that multivitamins that contains magnesium will affect the mood of people. The results were that people who had multivitamin doses were more likely to have elevation of mood. To sum up,

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