Is Privileges A Special Entitlement?

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It is safe to assume that many if not most individuals have heard the terms rights and privileges. What might not be safe to assume is that all of those individuals know the actual difference between the two terms. To clarify, AJ Oatsvall explains the difference as, “A privilege is a special entitlement granted to a restricted group or person, either by birth or on a conditional basis, and can be revoked. By contrast, a right is irrevocable and inherently held by all human beings.” (Oatsvall, 2015, para. 1). This essentially suggests that privileges can be given to individuals and also taken away, yet a right is something that all individuals are entitled to. To illustrate, all individuals have the right to enter a retail establishment, …show more content…

Many of these patients were deemed to be considered in critical care, evident by the need of machines to provide, oxygen, other forms of life saving methods, and monitoring, which only lasted so long (Van Camp, 2014). Although the critical situation of Hurricane Katrina was such a severe issue in itself, leaving an extreme amount of devastation behind, another issue was brought to the surface (Van Camp, 2014).
Despite some of the greatest efforts, some patients lost their lives. An evaluation carried out by government personnel and the office of the medical examiner, concluded that there was proof that over forty of those patients were given an overabundance amount of morphine prior to dying, seemingly euthanasia (Van Camp, 2014). Many viewed these findings to be that medical personnel had acted with intention to inflict death upon these patients; specifically a physician Anna Pou who was accused of homicide for four of the patients (Van Camp, 2014). There were arguments from both sides, one that it was pure murder not to be mistaken as euthanasia and the other side from Pou that she was not the person being portrayed or a person who displayed such characteristics and did not share in the belief of euthanasia (Van Camp, 2014). A grand jury decided not to formally charge Pou with four counts of homicide, however since then the families of the deceased have

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