Is Radio Be A Catalyst For Social Change?

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Throughout history we have been assigned Gender stereotypes by society, especially since the 1940s when the male was seen as the breadwinner, the one who would work, also portrayed by the media as active, decisive, courageous, intelligent and resourceful, whilst the female would take on the housewife mentality which involved keeping up appearances essentially whilst looking after the family, who the media would most often depict as weak, ineffectual, victimised, supportive, laughable or ‘simply a token female (lone female in a group of males). In this essay I will be answering the question “Might Radio be a catalyst for social change?” by essentially pulling apart the gender stereotypes of both male & female, doing this will allow us to see how society has developed in terms of attitude and diversity. Using this opportunity it will allow me to explore the feminist movement allowing me to see how its altered societies perception of the way women are portrayed throughout the media/radio industry, during which I will also be exploring radio advertising & different variations of radio shows which carry the feminist agenda like such shows as Woman’s hour, The Week in Westminster.
The media industry has enforced stereotypes for decades, creating trends, multi-media content, toys, perfume, makeup etc. which have been advertised and aimed at these gender stereotypes which still affect children and adults alike. From the 1940’s+ we have seen & heard many gender-based stereotypes

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