Is Sexism A Single Mother?

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Sexism has been a significant problem in the United States since women obtained the right to vote in 1920. Women have been faced with challenges ever since they entered the same work force as a man. Women get paid less than a man working in the same field during the same job as them. Woman that are a single parent have a hard time supporting a family only making enough to get by. According to, “On average, full-time working women earn just 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. This significant gap is more than a statistic -- it has real life consequences. Women make up over half of the work force and are still being paid less than a man working the same job.” Being a single mother and working trying to take care of your children are hard and not making enough to really support your family can have many mental effects on you. Being a single mother affect the children in more than one way, it can redefine their whole character. Woman should get paid the same amount as a men maybe even more because of the different responsibilities a woman has. My mother was a single parent ever since her first child was born in 1988. My mother had three girls and adopted one boy, because after I was born she was told she couldn’t have any more kids. My mom was working for the state as an accountant, even with that job my mom still wasn’t making ends met. We went time where we didn’t have lights or running water, so we would go next door to my great-grandmothers house to get
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