Is The Data Is On Education Level And Earning A College Degree? Essay

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The problem this paper will be addressing is the data is on education level and earning a college degree can make a difference in one 's life. The highest level of degree you can receive is a doctoral and very few people well make it to the highest level of degree. 1.7 percent of people have a doctoral and 8.0 percent of people either have a high school diploma to nothing making high school be the highest level of education they will accomplish in their life. This explains why so many people wish to earn a college degree-According to Cox, "surveys over the past decade suggest that at least 80% of high school students aspire to earn a bachelor degree (2016, 2). These numbers show a substantial gap between postsecondary aspirations and actually degree attainment( Cox, 2016, 2). The idea of furthering your one 's education is wanting to get a job that they know will help them in their future life. When in high school teachers, close friends, and family always make sure that their children further their education. As the years have gone by it is becoming harder and harder to get a decent job without having a GED or a high school diploma. These are some reasons as to why postsecondary educations forced upon high school students. Race and College degrees- The discrepancy between aspiring to and achieving a college degree does not hit all race groups equally. According to Cox, "For historically underrepresented groups of students (e.g., lower income, Black and Latino students),
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