Is The Human Immunodeficiency Virus?

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The human immunodeficiency virus (also known as HIV) has been an increasing health concern primarily African American community. I will be mainly focusing on the African American community even though I know this issue can affect many other groups. There are a variety of reasons that place African Americans at a higher risk for HIV than any other ethnic groups. Some of those reasons are: being involved in risky sexual behavior, not getting tested for STD’s/HIV/AIDS and social settings. The experiments covered in this paper involve participants that are college students. College student are used for a good representatives for all African Americans. I chose this topic because I am African American and based off the research I conducted, I have a higher risk for contracting HIV if I do not take the right precaution. Due to their actions and inactions African Americans are at high risk for HIV in the United States.
According to my research, I have received a lot of general information about HIV from The site gives you very basic and general information regard HIV and how you should be treated for it. It also, gives you information on the aftermath of finding out that you are infected with HIV. This source is credibly because it comes from the government and is used by all branches of the government. African Americans represent 12% of the country’s population and were accounted for 44% of the new cases for HIV in 2010. HIV shares some things in common with the flu but

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