Is The Organic Food Label?

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With the mass production of food, companies like ConAgra Foods, the parent company of Healthy Choice, Tyson, or even Whole Foods, may cut corners to the growth, treatment, and processing of food. In recent years, there has been a hype in organic food, locally grown food and GMO free foods, but what do these words mean? Most of these words on stickers are aimed to sell customers overpriced food that is farmed conventionally. Organic food has been claimed to be healthier for people, although the organic food label is misleading consumers into purchasing overpriced foods, and forces farmers to use unreliable farming techniques.
Cage free and grass fed animals have been claimed to be healthier for people to consume, because the animals are
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Admittedly, antibiotics have some side effects, their main purpose is to make livestock healthier for humans to consume. The cost of meat products would be substantially lower if antibiotics were adopted throughout all farms and hatcheries. When an organism is raised in an over populated environment it has a higher possibility of catching infections from other organisms in the environment. Most chickens are raised in highly occupied hatchery that do not supply enough area for the chicken to mature (“The Truth behind “Humane” Labels”). If a smaller chicken that has not been injected with antibiotics is injured due to another chicken engaging in a fight or just by being stepped on by a larger chicken, they are prone to infections and injuries. Chickens do not have the proper antibodies in its body to fight off the infection from an injury, making it one of the leading causes of their deaths simply because they do not have the correct environment or antibiotics to heal properly. Most hatcheries are not able to keep track of each individual chicken, so if one dies beneath the rest, it will decay and start to infect other chickens. Once one chicken gets infected by the dead one, the entire hatchery will begin to be infected.
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