Is The True Reason?

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Have you ever considered the true reason ads are created? Many people will say it’s for entertainment purposes, but the true reason a commercial is made is to persuade somebody to buy something or convince people to consider an idea. The reason why we are so convinced is because the advertisement appeals to people through ethos, pathos, and logos. Having those appeals helps the message get through to the people within the ad. Whether we see a poor dog helpless in the ad or wanting to stop smoking, the ad tries to sell or convince people to buy or do something. The ad that is described in the analysis is trying to inform the viewers about mother nature and the thoughts that she may have while we are destroying the landscape around us. …show more content…

The note of the angelic voice appearing in the ad can signify nature and a person with an angelic voice coordinating together. If nature and a person can harmonize through the song, then humans and the environment should be able to come together and be one in the world. You hear rivers flowing and birds chirping harmonizing with the appealing vocal sound. The singing isn’t overpowering the fauna and flora, but harmonizing with it and the same thing goes with the sound of nature being heard. The natural world isn’t overpowering the human voice, but is harmonizing alongside it. The reason why the creators of the advertisement decided to insert an appealing vocalization is in the interest of it soothing the listener’s ear. The high notes sung in the tune aren’t hurtful to the ear, they are the opposite. The notes are soothing and innocent just like nature. Nature is innocent, like a small child just wanting to survive in the world without knowing the damage it may cause. However, there is a transition of tone within the ad once the narrator says “When I falter, you falter. Or Worse.”. The sound of the music starts to raise in pitch getting louder throughout the ad showing a transition from a peaceful manner to a darker mood. However, by the end of the commercial Mother Nature states “are you?” asking if humans are ready to evolve with the music slowly fading

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