Is Time Travel Possible? Albert Einstein

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If we want to find an answer to this question, we should firstly understand the nature of time. We all understand that past is different from the future. The future seems to have a wide range of possibilities, while the past is always related to the one thing that already happened. Studying the time revealed two things about it. First, time is often considered as a river that flows forward and slows for no one. We can also formulate this idea as the river of time that goes forward, taking us from one present moment to another, as the past moves away with the passing view and the future forever waiting for us downstream. Second, time seems to look like an arrow. Past trajectory of an arrow cannot be changed, because it’s already happened. Something could appear in front of the arrow and so change the direction. The arrow exist only in the present moment of time because, as it is moves, the past falls away and the future is about to become. Time seems to have a peculiar direction, pointing from the things that already happened in the past to the things that might happen in the future.
Albert Einstien’s theories of special and general relativity have a significant influence on the ideas of time travelling. He showed that time is no longer invariable and that different observers in relative places measure different time. Einstien first developed the special theory of relativity in 1905. It is based on the two postulates: 1. Velocity of light is…

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