Is the Price of Education Worth the Cost? Essay

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As I stand here, brushing my teeth, the reflection in the mirror looking back at me is not the girl who I once was. When I was in high school, I dreamt of becoming a wildlife biologist, the person who would study pandas in China and repopulate the endangered species of South America. I would go to college in Alaska, studying the endless wildlife, and going on to pursue graduate work, perfecting my techniques. After that, I would study abroad in pursuit of my doctorate degree, working with top-notch animal behaviorists, learning the ropes to expanding my own research. My sixteen-year-old self did not realize how much that would cost me. While growing up, people told me to dream big because I could do anything I set my mind to. Although this …show more content…

A person virtually cannot get a job that pays enough to life comfortably without having a degree in something. As a first world country, it is the social responsibility of the government to educate its’ people, in order to better our nation. As of now, the United States of America is setting up its’ citizens to fail. It seems as though the top one percent of our nation is doing well in their endeavors: going to Ivy League universities, becoming CEO’s of corporate companies, living in elaborate houses, and driving expensive cars. The rest of us, the ninety-nine percent, are not living that way. The majority of society deserves the opportunity to be educated on a more specific basis, if they so choose. There are plenty of people who choose not to go to college at the present time, and that number would most likely remain the same or fluctuate slightly in one way or another, if college became much more affordable. If college became more affordable, the economy would see great improvement. Not only would people have more money to spend, which goes back to the government, but also the monetary value would be less inflated. With more money in the pocketbooks of more people, the percentage of people in the poverty level would be lessened, resulting in the overall advancement of the social classes. With tuition prices rising reaching upwards of $80,000, for many people, the idea of going to college is an unreachable dream. Financial

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