Isaiah Thomas As A Role Model In College

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When someone says “role model” who do you think of? For me personally it would have to be someone who has gotten through struggles and gotten to where they are through hard work not just having everything handed to them. A role model in my life would also have to be someone who is a positive influence on me whether he/ she is on or off the field, court or rink. After what I had just said in the sentence before my role model would probably be an athlete considering that I love all sports and hope to play in college and maybe even beyond that. My role model and someone I aspire to be like would be Isaiah Thomas. Especially after the playoff run Isaiah has led the Boston Celtics through right now. Isaiah Thomas is the best example of the famous…show more content…
Isaiah went to a good division one school for basketball which was the University of Washington. After his senior year at Washington Isaiah declared for the NBA draft hoping to be drafted. To think that a player like Isaiah Thomas was drafted so late people tend to think he is either not that great of a player or that everyone assumed he would be so ineffective at the NBA level of play due to his lack of height standing at five feet and nine inches. Isaiah although he was a good player was overlooked by everyone NBA team until the very last pick of the draft. The Sacramento Kings took a shot with Isaiah Thomas and this was Isaiah’s reaction after being asked “what did it feel like being last pick?” Isaiah responded with something that is so inspirational saying “All I ever wanted was a chance”. When first hearing this I thought well if I was him I would have wanted to be drafted even higher and to a better team but what he responded made me think. After all his hard work, and dedication to the game of basketball, he would have been happy even if he was undrafted but he was even happier he got the chance he needed to prove himself. This shows true confidence in yourself and being self- assured that he would get the job done and be given his chances after. Isaiah Thomas was also elected into the 2017 all star
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