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When I was watching the movie, I felt that Ishaan was helplessness in the situation. It is because no ones know him including his parent and school teachers. They have not really spent time to find out the problem behind Ishaan. When Ishaan made trouble things or did not handle schoolwork well, they both just scolded at him. This was the reason why Ishaan had those emotional changes. Without people who willing to listen to him, he could only express his feelings alone, kept silent and ripping worksheets etc. It made me cried and very upset as an adult. However, I was touched when the new art teacher came and help Ishaan to deal with the problem and find himself. He spent time to communicate with him and use methods to resolve his reading and …show more content…

Inside the theory, Bruner developed the three modes of representation (Simply Psychology, 2008). One of the modes of representation is symbolic, which occurs at around the age of 7. Bruner stated that children learns knowledge or receives information by transforming them into languages or mathematical symbols. Even in younger age, they are able to learn knowledge by using this method. However, according to the film, Ishaan has the problem on reading and writing skill (Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2007). It means that he cannot read and write sentences. Receiving knowledge is difficult for Ishaan and resulted in poor performance on school …show more content…

Inside the story, the main character – Ishaan, who was thought that he is a trouble maker and naughty boy. However, the reason behind Ishaan was not identified by others. No one care about the problem. In fact, children need care from others as they will feel that you are supporting him/her. This can really make children to become more confident and reduce negative emotions. It is very important for them to built a positive image along their life span. On the other hands, parents should not scold at their children without identified the hidden problem. Like Ishaan’s father, he always scolded at Ishaan when he made trouble. His father even did not try to find out the problem and give time for his son to explain. Therefore, Ishaan sometime kept silence and felt anger about his father. Educating children needs time and patience. Parent should allow their children to express feeling when there is problem occurred. They should spend time to pay attention and listen what they are talking about. It is a positive way for them to express their feelings. In addition, parents should spend time to communicate with children no matter there is problem or not. Communication provides a platform between parents and children to know more about what they are facing or emotional changes. It is a better way to find out the potential problem inside the children and provide suggestions for them to overcome. Apart from that, the movie really gave me

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