Ishmael Reflection

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What would Ishmael’s grandfather give him and his brother? Explain how this impacted him. What if we had this, how would it impact the world? As Ishmael is walking through the forest, he finds a lemon shaped fruit and it reminds him of the time his grandfather would give him and his brother special medicine. This special medicine would be on medicinal leaves where were on trees, whose barks had important medicine. With this medicine that their grandfather gave them, it enhanced their brain’s capacity to retain and absorb knowledge. This impacted Ishmael’s school life by becoming one of the top students in his classes. He would be able to remember every note as if he had a picture of them in his mind, he wrote during quizzes and tests. As Ishmael states, “To this day, I have excellent photographic memory that enables me to remember details of the day-to-day moments of my life, indelibly” (Beah 51). It seems that the medicine can last a long time since the last time he took the medicine was when he was younger. If the world had access to this medicine, it would instantly make everyone (those who could afford it, knowing that it would be very high priced), especially students, practically buying their way into college since they would be able to remember every single note and page of information. This would instantly make everything easier for everyone in school, work, and practically anything in your everyday life. 2. In “Chapter 7”, Ishmael says “I was glad to see other

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