Islamic Community Center Of Tempe

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For this assignment, I wanted to go somewhere that I was unfamiliar with but a location that was still relatively close to me. I decided to go to the mosque that is on the ASU campus. It is called the Islamic Community Center of Tempe. I chose this place because I think it is important to gain a better understanding of religions other than my own. I think that all religions should be respected and that everyone should try to understand each other’s faiths. I have been inside churches and synagogues, but never a mosque. I was always curious about what a mosque is like on the inside, so I took this assignment as an opportunity to learn more about mosques and Islam. Islam is a religion with over a billion followers in multiple countries…show more content…
He said that anyone is welcome there and that they do not care what you read when you come in. I noticed that besides this room, there was still a large portion of the mosque that I didn’t see, but I’m assuming that it probably serves as an activity center to for various things too. The parts of the mosque that I did see seemed similar to churches I’ve been in but also different in its own unique ways. I did not know that there would be no chairs in the room and I also did not expect to see many people in their at that time of night. Going to the mosque was an interesting experience in many ways. I talked to Ahmed the whole time I was there and he said a lot of interesting things that made me think. As he showed me around the mosque and into the main room, he talked about the mosque and how they let people come their to study, read, or pray whenever they want. He then started talking to me about the room and the people that pray there. He proceeded to ask me about my religion and I told him that I didn’t follow any religion very strictly but that my family is Christian. We then went on to talk about how our faiths are similar and how religion plays different roles in people’s lives. I have never had a conversation about God with a muslim before so it was interesting to see a different perspective on this subject. It felt very similar to conversations I’ve had with Christians. Ahmed continued to talk about his faith and the different beliefs he had about the world
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