Islamic Extremists Essay

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Islamic Extremists
Nearly everyone has heard about Islam and the Arab world. In addition, many countries have already faced issues with the Muslim believers. Islam has caused problems, terrorist attacks, anti-democracy all over the world. They were also very successful in sending a message of who they truly are. People who are literally obedient to the Islamic faith are called Islamic Extremists. People, who are of the Islamic faith however desire to survive in peace without tribulations are not considered obedient or dutiful to the Islamic faith, these people are called moderate Muslims. Therefore, the Islamic religious extremists are the major group in Islam who follow the Qur’an word for word and create extreme violence that moderate …show more content…

For example the Muslim Brotherhood has the word politics in their dictionary, which means they can have political relationships with the westerners but that is to use their help for their own good, such as Saudi Arabia. They also base and enforce the law of the Qur’an on the people. On the flipside, the Salafeyeen do not have the word politics in their dictionary and the way they communicate is through severe violence even on their own people. For example their rule goes as follows: thieves must have their hands cut off, a curser’s tongue must be cut off, an adulterous must be killed with the edge of the sword, and so on with all the sinners. Their judgments are pretty extreme. They currently have a small group in Egypt. There is no research found about them yet, however information has been spread through word of mouth and people’s experiences in the recent days in Egypt. The Salafeyeen have been around and they are very few still. It is not long until the cancer is spread everywhere. Numerous terrorist tribes have eventually been spread all over the world. The Muslim Brotherhood has created a private group in each country who follow their plan. Therefore, every so often, the nation receives news about occurring devastations they have caused.
Since the Muslim Brotherhood considers violence is the only method to spread or impose their religion on many countries, they had

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