Islamic History And Themes Of Islam

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Tyler Williamson
Professor Bordenkircher
POLS 165
October 22, 2015
Muhammad and Islam
1) The religion of Islam was created by Muhammad after he began to get prophetic visions when he was 40 years old. The messages he preached were: monotheism, an imminent day of judgement, as well as social and economic justice for all. Since the start of this class approximately five weeks ago we have learned a great deal about ancient Islamic history and themes that are present throughout the history of Islam. This paper will discuss the relevant aspects of Islamic history, terms used to describe the Islamic faith—such as umma—and the historical relevance of jihad and its application. The Muslim migration from Mecca (the “hijra") marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar and the starting point of the Medinan phase of Muhammad’s life. The Muslim umma was established in 622 CE, after the Prophet (Muhammad) and his followers fled from—the persecution they faced in—Mecca to flee to the safety of Medina. Medinan leaders offered Muhammad and his followers safe haven in Medina in hope that he would be able to put an end to the tribal conflicts that were occurring there—in exchange for protection and shelter for his followers, from Mecca. Umma (or ummah) is the Arabic word for “nation” or “community”, in the Fazlur Rahman text, Islam, it is spelled with an “h” at the end—ummah. When it is stated that the “Muslim umma” was established it is saying that the Muslim community (not nation) was

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