Islamic Women Wear Burkinis

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French women should not feel like a stranger, or like they do not belong in the one place they call home. When hearing about the burkini ban sadly it did not come as a surprise that something this outrageous could happen. The french has had laws that discourage their woman dating back to 1905. They have a stigma that proud muslim people who not afraid to wear their bikinis are associated with terrorism. When hearing about cases where people of a country are shunned away by their own people it is shocking, but even worse when it is the leaders and people that should be the ones to protect them are doing worse. The attack on Nice did open the eyes of France to becoming more safe and protecting in case of something more was to happen. And with that came stricter laws and police enforcement. But has France, and many other countries, given the police too much power? Islamic woman of France should be allowed to wear burkinis freely without…show more content…
At times it could even be frightening to think that this could happen to the muslim women in France. But, this conflict could all be avoided if there was not a band on burkinis. burkinis are a natural part in a muslim womans life, would you want something so important taken away to you just like that? Avoid any unnecessary conflict that could end badly and let muslim woman of France wear burkinis. France should not have a ban on burkinis because that is taking away the freedom that every muslim woman should have. People of France should be coming together and stick up for these women even if they are not from the same religion. One day it could be you they targeting. And hopefully once something is said by the people then something will be done by the authority figures without police action being made. Because in today's day you never know what could happen if things are let go too far. Let muslim woman of France wear
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