Islamophobias In America

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In this century we learned from our media and top 1% that Islam is violent, doesn’t support freedoms such as women, religious, and speech. It’s an enemy of all Christian nations and democracy in itself. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is another radical group of Islam that was majority funded by the Sen. Hillary Clinton and CIA that gave illegal arms shipments to Libyan jihadist (war with unbelievers) (Source 2). We see it on our news stations every day with terror attacks, the war on ISIS, and In Paris ,France, they had a terror attack that slaughter and wounded hundreds of innocent civilians that were carrying peaceful civilian activity. Another terrorist attack happened on September, 11, 2011. It killed four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens. It was revealed that it was due to a YouTube video, even though it had no relations to it, and later on it was confirm a Terrorist attack during that election year. The media’s agenda help create the fear of Muslims call Islamophobia.…show more content…
According to a gall up poll in 2010, almost half of Americans believe that Americans are prejudice toward Muslim Americans. In which 66% of Jewish Americans say that they are prejudices towards Muslims in America. (Source 4). Americans can gather these racist qualities from just embracing what they see on their television. Americans are embracing false facts about the religion of Islam such as Islam promotes violence, Islam doesn’t give women equality, Muslims are imposing to change our judicial system into Sharia Law, and promote Female mutilation and
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