Island Beneath The Sea Sparknotes

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“Rosette was born the same day that Gambo disappeared. That is how it was. Rosette helped me through the worry that they would take him alive and with the emptiness he left in my heart. I was absorbed in my daughter. That Gambo was running through the jungle pursued by Cambray 's dogs occupied only a part of my thoughts” (Allende, 134) Those words are said by Zarité, the main character of the book Island Beneath the Sea by the Chilean Isabel Allende, translated and published in the United States on 2009. It starts on the Island of Saint-Domingue (actual Haiti) from 1770 to 1793 and the second part, take place on Louisiana, USA, from 1793 to 1810. About the main character, Allende said: "Of all the characters I created, that of Zarité for me that I have more the feeling that existed". While Island beneath the Sea, I have been clarifying, predicting and finally, evaluating.

This book is about the life of a black young girl, Zarite (known as Tete) that is purchased at 9 years old by Violette, a mixed race prostitute, to be the personal slave of Eugenia Garcia del Solar, the Spanish wife of Toulouse Valmorain, a French guy owner of one of the biggest sugar plantation of Saint-Domingue, that is run by black slaves. Throughout the novel, Zarite tells her story as a representation of the exploitation of slaves on the island in the eighteenth century, their lives and how they fought for freedom. “He had never thought about Tete’s sentiments; he assumed they were very limited. In

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