Issues Of Multicultural Education / Special Education

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Issues in Multicultural Education/Special Education In our local school district, there is a main issue with having better support in Special education and Teachers leaving there position. To enforce more help and compassion from others will start with proper teaching and committing to it, along with having more support from the parents. Children in special education are the same as any other child, but involves more needs to be met in order to help these children along the learning process. This continues as having more public and parental support and showing more appreciation for our Special Education teachers. Special Education is a challenging position and many individuals believe that it is the easiest job in the world. We are in need of more Teachers and Teacher Assistants that are willing to teach and have an open heart for Special needs children. For a Special Needs Teacher, having compassion and patience is an important skill in a Special Needs classroom. There has been multiple teachers that come in and out of special needs classrooms because they do not have enough patience nor enough special needs education training, so they can understand how to meet the needs of these children and the multiple ways of using learning skills so the children understand what is being taught. Not many college students are aware, unless by research, that there is a high need of Special Education Teachers all over the United States. When a student decides Special Education is
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