It Comes To Light That Police Departments Across The States

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It comes to light that police departments across the states play an important role in fighting and preventing terrorism. They are being trained to learn and investigate local terrorist threats throughout the United States, and to make sure the community is protected from such harm. In to do so police officers will have to extend they stay in the community and be involved in such activities and improve the community trust, another thing they will have to do is to build a partnership with other local businesses and other private and non-private agencies. These changes will have to correspond with the current police training and practices.

After the 9/11 attack, many agencies didn 't know what to do with the situation of the
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Many terrorism preventions with local enforcement policies with crime issues because neighborhood, and community crime prevention should help police officers against the fight of terrorism.
In order to help law enforcement train against terrorism threats is “community policing because it focuses on crime and disorder in the police service that includes what law enforcement been doing such as prevention, problem-solving, community engagement, and partnership with one another”. It can help citizen engage with police officers in helping to identify dangerous threats and to prepare for preparedness plan. Community policing can play a role in homeland security because it can help police prepare and prevent a terrorist attack and respond to the terrorist threat. It can help build trust between community and police officers so that police officers can know what 's going on in the community and people in the community can provide information if people are doing terrorist actions. Community policing not only form a partnership between police and the community, but it also forms a collaboration with state and federal agencies, this collaboration can help collect and exchange information, threats and the resources in the event of a terrorist attack. If you compare the two traditional crimes and terrorism are the same because some departments have adopted community policing to address terrorism and terrorism- related crimes, some
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