Police Brutality Associated With Racism

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Police Brutality associated with Racism. A trending news topic is police brutality. Police brutality is defined as the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. Police brutality can take many forms, although it is most commonly associated with physical abuse; however, it is also seen during interrogations with sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation and emotional manipulation. Currently, the actual relationship between the African American community and the United States police is going through a bad time due to the racism reflected in the number of cases of police brutality against blacks. According to the February 2016 report of the Mapping Police Violence organization, 22 black people…show more content…
Although there are different alternatives about how the government can solve these problems, a different training for police officers, the promulgation and enforcement of laws are the best ones that the government needs to take into consideration in order to abolish police brutality and racism from our country. First, we are going to talk about the different training that police officers must receive. There have been too many lives lost due to police killings; too many phone calls telling families that their loved ones, particularly young black men, will not be coming home. But in most cases, it is not because individual police officers are consciously racist or think black lives do not matter; it is because officers perform the way they are trained to perform. Officers are faced with many threatening situations every day, forcing them to make decisions immediately. As we know, police is placed on a high level of authority and are respected by the rest of society; therefore, officers should always display respectful and ethical behavior. Currently, many people argue that the received training by the police is inappropriate. One example is Michael Brown’s death, after his death, the police officer named Darren Wilson (who killed this young black man) said that he was trained to do it, and that he would do it again if it is necessary to take the control of a situation. This statement demonstrates that police…show more content…
Some police officers would think that enacting a law which demands the use of non-deadly force before using deadly force in a dangerous situation would be a way to endanger their lives. But they should know that choosing to be a police officer is already a danger, and if they are committed with the institution, they will see this solution as a benefit for the country because it will heal the image of the police department that nowadays is damaged due to the acts that they performed. On the other hand, Richard Beary, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, warned that there isn’t much money to give officers better training in community relations. Although, this can be a disadvantage for the solution, it can be solved by the government, which is able to provide more funds to the Police Department if they take this problem seriously as it is right now. Ms. Rawlings-Blake said: “If there is any place where the federal government and the Justice Department can produce a tangible difference for our officers, it would be to provide more resources in fiscal belt-tightening area.” In this area, police officers learn the broader significance of their role on society. Though not a perfect solution, analysts said, more comprehensive training for police officers is, in the words of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake,

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