It Is Important For Everyone, Especially Students To Do

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It is important for everyone, especially students to do well in school because it reflects in the foundation of their accomplishments in life. Students affect their ability to move to the next level whenever they fail to complete some requirements. It takes many factors to motivate individuals to continue on striving for academic achievements. (Higgins, 2008) It is said that motivation gives big contribution in one individual’s success. Motivation is defined as the organized pattern of three psychological functions that serves to direct, energize, and regulate goal-oriented activity: personal goals, emotional arousal processes, and personal agency beliefs. It is an interactive construct representing the direction a person is going, the …show more content…

In school, students engage themselves in school activities particularly doing assignments, exercises and other academic works. However, these activities require guidance and training from their instructor for them to eventually learn how to enact decisions on their own (Woldetsadik & Lumadi, 2014). Herein, Battersby and Gordon (2006) review some school situation that may develop the students experience in the school context. They believe that recognition of the characteristics of both teachers and students requires “recollecting observation”. According to them, students can gain experience through observing different situations in school that may interest them and by imitating these observations it helps their experiences to improve. In some circumstances, students also engage in “non-academic activities” and this includes school clubs, sports activities and other after school programs that were offered for their recreational activities. These activities have significance in relation to academic aspect of the students (Gurdner, Roth & Brooks-Gunn, 2009). Students can learn in many different ways, if they have the will to learn. But the commitment and effort they exert will decide their overall participation. Research shows that academically competitive students immerse themselves more in school activities than the non-competitive one. And this makes form a good relationship towards their peers and school staff (Willms, 2003). Student participation can be

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