It Is Stated That General Leonard Wood Never Kept Quiet

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It is stated that General Leonard Wood never kept quiet in any job that he ever held during his thirty-five years of active federal service in the United States Army. “When there was work to do, he has done it, from chasing Indians all over our great Southwest back in the ‘eighties’ and over a good slice of Mexico’s northwest, to teaching Cuba how to rule herself.” (Sears, 1919) He was not known for sitting back and just ‘earning his paycheck’. Instead, he chose the more challenging jobs like building new training camps for officers and teaching preparedness to the soldiers of the late war. Through his work ethics, candid leadership, and attitude for the betterment of mankind, he greatly impacted the lives of millions of men throughout the…show more content…
“It was as Chief of Staff that General Wood made his greatest contributions to the Army and the Nation. He strengthened the General Staff and firmly established the Chief of Staff as the senior officer of the Army. He also reduced the influence of the old bureau system which had hindered military reforms. He was instrumental in developing the Maneuver Division and the Mobile Army concept. As a result, the Army formed its first truly combined arms divisions. This allowed the American Army to fight as a force in the battles and campaigns of the Great War, WWI.” (Homle, 1920) Following the war, General Wood was chosen to be a candidate for the Republican Party for President. Although he was not chosen, he did not get discouraged. He would retire from the Army in 1921 and receive the position of Governor General of the Philippines. Leonard would hold that position until his death on August 7th, 1927 of an unsuccessful brain tumor surgery. Valor “His gallantry and service as a medical and line officer at the Battle of Geronimo was recognized by a Medal of Honor in 1898. Voluntarily carried dispatches through a region infested with hostile Indians, making a journey of 70 miles in one night and walking 30 miles the next day. Also for several weeks, while in close pursuit of Geronimo 's band and
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