It 's Been An Honor

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It’s Been an Honor You’re a sixteen year old with a cell phone; nothing unusual, right? Well in the worlds of many women and girls, having a phone in the family that’s been kept a secret can mean huge trouble for them. Mohammad Ghazal from the Jordan Times informs people that “98% of the Jordan population owns a cell phone”. In the eyes of the parents, however if they were not aware of the possession of the cell phone, it will call for punishment. They’ve kept a secret from their family and their disrespect will consequently cost everything. Was it really worth keeping the phone now that their brother or father will be after their life? This was sadly a true incident with a 20 year-old girl who was tragically shot by her own 18 year old…show more content…
Many people, specifically in Jordan believe that killing in honor is an act that is somewhat acceptable. The act of killing is put on the family men and the pressure that they go through must be nothing but overwhelming. Most of the time men in the family completely agree with the punishment. Women in Jordan, despite the 2010 amendment are still being discriminated. In truth, women can’t pass down their nationality to their children if they marry a foreigner Many in Jordan also believe that whatever they do will have no impact on the society. The actions of the people can cause them to be passive and not care. As a result their attitudes shape they way that they think and how they feel about the victims. The victims who make it alive are not given much sympathy in fact, they are humiliated by the court and police. There are victims who are beaten, suffocated, shot, and murdered, but in the eyes of the public, they deserved it because of the disrespect they put upon the family name. There are many incidents that go to show how unfair the lives of these women are and the pain that they have to go through. Something that many others will never go through, imagine your older or younger brother going after you. How would you feel? Women in Jordan and the Middle East know exactly how it feels to be accused of something
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