Itec 630 Final Examination Complete Solution Spring 2015 Final Exam

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ITEC 630 Final Examination complete solution Spring 2015 Final Exam Click Link Below To Buy: Or Visit Please read these instructions carefully. Failure to correctly follow them will adversely impact your grade. • This exam is open-book, open-notes. Do not discuss any aspect of this exam with anyone else – no discussions in conferences, no emails to me • I will grade the exams on-line, therefore: • Do not include any extraneous graphics that do not directly contribute to your answer • Answer on the PowerPoint slides provided – you may add slides • Use no font smaller than 12 pitch (if I cannot read it you won’t get credit) • Do not import graphics from …show more content…

(5 points each) 1.How many times does the top module call each subordinate module? A.One Hundred Times B.Three Times C.The Check Credit Rating and Update Credit File Modules Once and the Dispatch Orders Module 100 Times ● 2.Which module actually contains the logic to call the Update Credit File Module? A.Check Credit Rating B.Process Orders C.Dispatch Orders ● 3.In what order does the executive module call the subordinate modules? A.Dispatch Orders, Update Credit File, Check Credit Rating B.Check Credit Rating, Update Credit File, Dispatch Orders C.Update Credit File, Check Credit Rating, Dispatch Orders D.Process Orders, Check Credit Rating, Dispatch Orders ● 4.What tool would not be useful in preparing a Module Specification for a programmer to code “Get Exam From Assignments Folder”? A.Structured English B.Flow Chart C.Data Flow Diagram D.Pseudocode Question 5: (20 points) In this class, we’ve stressed the importance of various system analysis and design tools and techniques. By now you should have a “toolbox” full of useful design and analysis tools. List the tools in your toolbox and then write one short paragraph on how you can/will apply them in your careers, lives,

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