Essay on It's a Sweet Depression

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Lacuna strung her fingers through the tangled tags of her hair, winding up the frayed end of a braid and tucking it behind one ear like an undone thread, poorly mended. She had picked up a knack for twining braids from Stockholm of all creatures; he had a penchant for taming anything that grew wild and her hair was the frequent target of his nit-picky touch. At ungodly hours of the morning he would wring her out of bed like a drooling puddle of dreams. His beetle-browed face would blot out the cold morning light as he crowded over her and barked his daily dose of discouragement, "Woman, your hair is a tragedy!" And, utterly uncaring, she would toss herself back to the mercy of her sheets and with a rebellious groan curdling in the back of …show more content…

Now, her lips played out the beginnings of a smile, but reviving the tired expression was starting to feel like digging trenches through concrete. It made her sore all over, a running ache that seemed to swirl like a river, tugging at the soles of her feet, willing her to move. Suddenly she wanted to grab her sword and run off with the night, take solace under the stars. The events of the evening were tumbling through her mind, and she had a galling suspicion that she had chosen the wrong course. Perhaps Ramona was not the girl she should have selected for her Starry Night tryst. And, of course, her heart was laughing at her all the way: like she ever had a choice in the matter, like she wasn't just a meaningless bag of biological parts with her free will skewered in the steel trap of fate and providence. For a change, she was stumped. She had stood at the helm of the conversation for so long that she was leery of resigning herself to a becalmed silence. But Lacuna hadn't seen the girl take many liberties to speak her mind, and in a way this was worrisome. On the face of it, Ramona seemed easily flustered, as tractable as the valley's native mareep, warming readily to companionship of any kind. However, the girl's reticence could be symptomatic of her

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