Essay about Understanding Depression

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The term depression is widely misused in today’s society. All human beings experience periods in life where they are sad for a relatively short period of time, which is considered normal. Those who experience sadness for extended periods may be suffering from depression. Two terms used to reference the classifications of depression, are Major Depressive Disorder, and Dysthymia. Individual diagnosis of these classifications is dependent on the length of time, and severity of symptoms experienced by the individual. The causes for these depressive states can be due to genetics or the insufficient production of neurotransmitters, which provide the brain with the data necessary to regulate one's psychological well being. Two examples…show more content…
The purpose of following story is to introduce the symptoms of depression and an appropriate method to provide positive intervention to help one who may be suffering from a depressive state. The ability to recognize the symptoms of depression, and how to address the situation can mean the difference between life and death. Marybeth and Kenny had been friends for as long as they could remember. They were like peas and carrots always together. If you saw Kenny, you saw Marybeth and vice versa. As they grow into young teenagers, this friendship continued. Approaching their senior year in High school, they began to discuss what colleges they would like to attend. Being from the rural city of Bumpus Mills in the Blue Grass state of Kentucky, they both had visions of seeing the world and wanted to attend the University of Kentucky (UK), Located in Boiling Green. Their imaginations ran wild with what life would be like in the big city. As the year, progressed Kenny and Marybeth excelled in their studies, and submitted their applications for acceptance to UK. After several weeks Marybeth received her letter of acceptance. Immediately, she ran next door to Kenny’s house and asked if he had received his letter. Kenny with a sad face expressed that he had received his letter, but the University denied his application. Marybeth consoled Kenny, as he was her, best friend and
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