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Ever visit your parent's work? Does your mother work at Ocean Spray stacking crates of juice for $10 an hour? Or does your father work 8 hour days moving pallets of products with a forklift? Boring stuff, right? Well you should just be glad that’s the only negative feature. Back in the early 1900’s, this type of work was difficult and exhausting, with 12 to 16 hour days and daliy wages as low as $1 in some industries, six days a week. Working conditions were incredibly dangerous and there was no policies to protect workers in any way. Even worse, the government at the time were strong supporters of big business and would, 9 times out of 10, choose to back the business owners over the workers supporting the country. Though with all these…show more content…
Though the residence of Centralia were extremely uncomfortable with the presance of the Wobblies, the largely homeless group refused to get out and stay out. Two police administered escorts out and three years later, the decited IWW opened up a meeting hall in Centralia, and being the free market enthusesust they were, you can imagine how thrilled the small building owner was when he discovered was renting space to the “unpatriotic” union. However after he kicked them out, the Wobblies, unphased by their failure, only relocated to a new building in the capitalist city. Why would they continue to bounce back after so many failed attempts?, you ask? Well, Centralia was smack in the center of a large lumber working territory, making it a central location for both the class of industrial workers and the big busnesses owners of the time, in a nutshell, it was exactly the type of town the IWW believed they should be in. However, this time the this controversial decision was not dealt with so lightly. During the Red Cross parade almost a year after their first relocation, several praders broke off from the main group, raided the new meeting hall and capturing some of the unfortionate Wobblies who were ………in……... the base at the time. The unlucky Wobblies were then taken out of…show more content…
At their third meeting hall in two years, the Industrial Workers of the World entered a conflict with a with local lumber company which later evolved into a bloody dispute between the two parties. The lumber company involved recruited- more like decivied- post World War I legionnaires by tricking them into thinking the Wobblies were a real threat to America and had to be stopped before they succeeded. So, as if to mock the success of the Red Cross parade raid, rumors began to accumulate siggesting that the fooled Legionnaires would attempt to attack the newest IWW meeting hall during a parade celibrating the end of World War II. Unfortionately, for both sides, the Wobblies caught word, andso armed themselves for the possibilty that the legionnaires would, in fact, go forth with this plan. Sure enough, come perade day, band of legionares branched off from the rest of their troop and headed toward the Wobblie base, which would not be so easily taken this time. This time, in an attempt to guard their provisional base, the IWW placed seven armed Wobblies a the main entrance of the hall. When the legionnaires entered the building, gunfire emanated from both sides. Two legionnaires were killed, one murdered by Wesley Everest. In an attempt to escape imprisonment, Everest, along with two other Wobblies ran out through the back while the other four hid in the back of the building hoping the legionnaires would not search for
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