Jackie Monologue

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I wish I could’ve done something differently, I wish I knew my daughter had these crazy thoughts in her head. How could I have never noticed? How could I not notice the tension between my own two children. It all started Friday afternoon during lunch, Jill, Jack, my husband Jessie and I were all sitting at our old barn wood dinner table, In the middle of our formal dining room with light grey walls and deep red accent wall. On that wall we have a bunch of picture of Jack and Jill growing up, most of them are Jack but no one ever seems to notice. We don't have too many picture considering Jack and Jill are only 13 and haven’t gone to any school dances. They are both very similar looking as babies, same weight, same green eyes, brown hair and…show more content…
“I haven't seen him at all this afternoon.” I feel like she hasn't been hanging out with Jack recently because she gets jealous easy. “I don't know, not that I care either.” That was the first time I heard the tone. “What's wrong, did something happen?” You could hear the concern in my voice. “No, everything is fine. I’m surprised you asked!” Before I could ask her what she meant she ran to her room and slammed her bedroom door. She gets angry really easy too, she use to go an anger management class. She just got tired of having to go and Jack not having to. Thursday, 9:30 p.m “Jack have you noticed anything different about your sister?” I asked thinking he would know. Jack has always cared deeply about family and friends, he’s a very nice and friendly person “Yes, she seems uptight.” He said shrugging his small skinny shoulders, he’s never been that big or muscular. “How so?” I had no clue what he meant by “uptight” so I proceeded to ask him. “What do you mean by…show more content…
The police are at our house trying to figure out what caused the accident but there are no leads yet. I might have to take this into my own hands. I walk outside to the hill, there are no obvious holes in the side of the hill where they were coming down, I don't think this was an accident. As I walked up the hill, I could smell the fresh cut grass and see the bright green color. As I got closer to the well I could hear the leaves blowing on the wind as I got goosebumps on my arms from the breeze. I put my hand on the old stone well my hands instantly got cold and I could hear the water trickling in the well. I look to my left and I see Mary and her lambs in their pasture. She’s staring at me, we make eye contact and she quickly looks away. I started walking toward her thinking she could have known
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