Claude Monet Justine At Vetheuil Circa

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Claude Monet was one of the most well known influential impressionist painters in the 19th century. Among his famous paintings; is the The Seine at Vétheuil Circa provoking unusual visual images. The second French impressionist painter was Pierre-Auguste Renoir, whose work was as phenomenal as Monet. His painting titled, L'Estaque in which he started to work on 1885 and finished 1890 was another remarkable painting associated with the impressionist movement. This paper is a personal reflective essay in which it will compare and contrast these two paintings and further demonstrate their history. Among the numerous paintings, sculptures and different art work presented, the impressionist paintings such as, The Seine at Vétheuil Circa and L'Estaque both intrigued and captured my attention. I have a personal admiration for simplicity and tranquility in which it’s presented in both of these paintings. I want to present, …show more content…

Regardless of the criticism he received for his paintings, being called ‘sketches’ he overcame the many hardships he faced in the public as well as in his personal life. He is primarily known for his work depicting landscape in which he had a deep fascination with the structure and effects of natural light. With intense hues and varied tones, he sought to ‘capture the essence of the natural world using strong colors and bold short brushstrokes’. His painting, The Seine at Vetheuil Circa captures the viewer's’ attention at first sight. The painting presents more of a scanning presentation, by viewing the entirety of the painting rather than focusing on one point. The theme of this painting also displays an extraordinary vivid usage of colors. From a large display of green, light blue and bits of orange, he illustrates a portrayal of a real-life observation. Another theme visualized in this art of work is simplicity. With Utmost care and attention, he presents a sense of ease and

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