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James Diamond attempts to answer Yali’s simple, yet difficult question, “Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people had little cargo of our own?” Different countries developed at different rates; some countries came to be politically organized and well-equipped with technology while others were unorganized and had limited technology. This can be attributed to geography, how societies interacted with one another, and how they organized themselves. Some countries saw the need to build houses because they lived in a cold climate, create steel weapons because they were always engaging in wars, and have some sort of political structure to ensure that the country would run smoothly. Other countries lived in huts because the climate was warm, did not develop steel weapons due to the fact that they lived in isolation and did not engage in wars, and did not have a political structure because their society was too small or didn’t see the need for it. These situations …show more content…

The Moriori lived on a small, isolated island that was not suitable for farming and had very limited supplies. The population was very limited due to the size of the island, they had to learn to get along peacefully, and had no politically organization. For the Maori, they had the advantage of living where the climate was suitable for farming. With plenty of food, they were able to feed craftsmen to make weapons, an army, and leaders to organize their society, all which help contributed to developing their country. With them being well-organized and their advanced weapons and military experience, they were able to conquer and colonize Moriori. Knowing what gave countries an advantage to becoming more advanced than other makes it easy to understand why some events that took place in history, such as colonization, and how it affects society

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