Jane Adams: Jane Adams And The Settlement House

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Jane Addams (1869-1935) is best known as a pioneering social activist and social worker, but she was also a critical intellectual and a committed internationalist. She developed an educational philosophy called Socialized education. The idea of the settlement house was presented and developed by her to the United States (the founding of Hall House with Ellen Starr in 1889). She campaigned to improve social conditions and led investigations in different areas of social and health welfare. Jane Adams saw education as the basis of democracy. She also argued for women's right to vote, to choose their own careers, and to peacefully resolve international disputes. Its peaceful leadership opposed to the entry of the United States into the First World War. After the end of conflicts, she was active in organizing relief supplies. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in 1931, Jane Adams died in 1935. (Social Education, n.d)
Jane Adams is the story of a woman who makes
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From the early days of Hall-House, Adams sought to fulfill the Charter's mission: "to provide a center for higher civic and social life; to establish and maintain educational and charitable institutions; to investigate and improve conditions in Chicago's industrial areas" (Adams, 1937, p. 112). There were lessons to be learned, disappointment and error, but Adams was unshakeable in her determination to keep and grow her work. There may seem to be little that can be done to young children left alone by their mothers while working in factories, half of the children who were on the streets, or a large number of small and very young factory workers bound by the harsh industrial system. Her belief was that even doing "a little may help make those lives that are somehow destroyed somewhat less depressing" (Meigs, 1970, p.
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