January, 2017. Save Your Pets, Save Yourself!By Fire Chief

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January, 2017
SAVE YOUR PETS, SAVE YOURSELF! By Fire Chief Gary Curmode/PIO, Copper Mountain Fire Department, CO
Summit County is into our winter season fast and furious. What a great time to enjoy the winter season! To enjoy our four seasons we need to practice safety in all aspects of recreation. Today’s article is going to talk about how to save your pets, and also yourself in the winter season.
Pets are part of our community. They go with us almost everywhere. When pets go outside, they are excited just like we are. They run at random, sniffing as they go without much attention to their surroundings. I would encourage all residents when they walk their animals to keep them on a leash when around bodies of water (ponds, lakes, …show more content…

If your pet or companion falls through the ice, do not panic! As stated above, call 911. It does not take long for the cold water to slow down your physical and mental reactions/functions. Some air will remain in your clothes for a short period which helps create floation for a brief time. Kick your legs while grasping for ice that is strong. Try to pull yourself onto the thicker ice for a better distribution of your weight. Try to move your body towards the area that you walked until you fell, that may be strong enough to hold you and be the safest. Once out of the area, seek warmth immediately.
--When outdoors, many cell phones have a GPS location for all calls in the outdoors. Please check yours and see if it has these features.
--In water sports we use the phrase Reach-Throw-Go! Try to reach your arms out to your pet or companion maintaining a base anchor so you are not pulled into the frozen water. If that fails, throw a rope, tree limb, jumper cables from your vehicle or other similar object. If still unsuccessful, go for help BEFORE you become a victim also. Pet owners can easily become a victim when trying to assist their pets. The bottom line keep your pets on a leash. If you want to let your pet run about, do it at a dog run, on your property, or in areas away from any bodies of water.
Tips before getting on the ice:
a. Ice thickness is not consistent.
b. Do not judge ice strictly by appearance.
c. When ice fishing, it is always a good idea to drill

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