Jean Watson's Metaparadigm Model Of Nursing

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The development of a personal philosophy about nursing is essential to the growth of every nurse. This starts in nursing school. In fact, all nurses do incorporate their personal beliefs within their nursing practice one way or the other. The growth and maturation of a nurse can influence and/or change their philosophy. Exposure to new beliefs and cultural differences may impact one’s philosophy; however, views of other nursing theorists could shape and help a nurse develop and expand their philosophy.
The purpose of this paper is to explore the author’s personal philosophy which was influenced by nursing theorist Jean Watson. This paper will also compare and discuss both the author’s and theorist’s philosophy with the metaparadigm model of nursing.
The role of the author as a professional nurse, among many will entail: serving, empathizing, advocating, listening, educating and caring for others. Her nursing philosophy is about caring and building trust-worthy relationships with clients. The base for a holistic care and overall well-being of a client is attributed to the relationship and care a nurse builds and provides for their client. This partnership during the caring process is what leads to achieving the goals of the client. The author’s philosophy is built on Watson’s …show more content…

The geographic location, family, and socio-cultural interactions can influence a person’s environment. It is essential that as a nurse one is aware of cultural differences when providing care for clients. The author is aware that one’s perception of what is culturally acceptable may not be acceptable for one’s client. This plays a role in the relationship that a nurse builds with their client. Watson discusses environment as a transformative nature. She believes that the caring must happen in an environment that the nurse creates to achieve the goal (Watson,

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