Jeannette Wall Reflection

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In Jeannette Wall’s memoir she thoroughly explains her life and the troubles she faced as a child. As she writes she allows the reader to come to their own conclusion about her life as she uses straightforward language. Throughout the book she addresses many of the controversial points in her childhood and how hers differed from a typical one. She explains how her parents were often not able to provide with them and talks about how they would get food during those times. A major theme in this book is how parental negligence affects the child's future and their education. The author effectively does this through her use of desensitized and direct diction, carefree tone, and using parallelism.
The author becomes more aware of how different her family is progressively throughout the book. She uses her house to also show the work ethic of her family, “One that announced to the world the people in the house wanted to fix it up but lacked the gumption to get it done.”(159) You can tell through the irritated diction that the author is upset with her family’s lack of work. She uses words such as “gumption” and “lacked” to describe the house which uses to form a parallel to her family. The issues she finds with her house are strikingly similar to the issues she finds with her family. Her parents refuse to put in any work to help keep the family together.This point of view differs greatly from earlier in the book in when she thought her family was perfect and had little flaws. She

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