Jesus Christ Is The Full Son Of God

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Jesus Christ is the full Son of God, being the second person of the Trinity, fully God and fully man. While the person of Jesus was begotten by the Father, Jesus as the second part of the Trinity is eternally begotten by the Father, as Jesus has never ceased to exist, from before time existed and forevermore. Jesus is of the same substance as God, and in His nature and essence is equal in power and majesty to God, and while He sits on the right hand of the throne, He is in no way subservient to God the Father. Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary, who never had been with a man, and maintained this virginity until the time of Jesus’ birth. Jesus perfectly fulfilled all of the OT prophecies about the Messiah, and in the fullness of time came down to earth as the seed of Abraham and David in the line of kinghood. Jesus, during the entirety of His Life did not sin, and while he was tempted, he did not sin and remained sinless throughout His earthly life. Being that Jesus is fully God and fully man, he was tempted by God and theoretically could have sinned, but did not sin. Instead of disobeying the plan of God the Father, the person of Jesus submitted himself to the will of God, and instead of establishing an earthly kingdom, he defeated the forces of darkness and overcame sin, death, and the devil.
In order to pay the full price of sin, he took on the sins of the world, becoming a curse for our sake, and suffered greatly before and during the crucifixion. Jesus suffered the…

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