Jesus ' Death Through Out Christian History Essay

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Jesus’ death through out Christian history has been seen as an act of atonement for sin and not solely the result of human decisions. Recently though, biblical and systemic theologians have started to reconsider the significance of Jesus’ death. They have found an interest in determining what really brought about the crucifixion of Christ and whether it was historically contingent or divinely ordained. It was God who appointed Jesus Christ to die on the cross for human sin and be the messenger and mediator for the Kingdom of God. In 1 John 3:20 it says, “God is greater than our feelings, and he knows everything.” With this being said, was the death of Jesus in accord with God’s redemptive purposes; or was it due to God’s knowledge that he knew mankind’s decisions would eventually lead to Jesus’ death on the cross? The four gospels “contain numerous traditions in which Jesus interprets his death as divinely ordained” and in others, “he attributes a salvation-historical significance to his death.” The New Testament is full of evidence concerning Jesus Christ’s death and will be where the basis of this argument will come from. Historical contingency is any event for which mankind, but not God, is responsible for, where as divinely ordained will be defined as God’s will that he directly set in place. God is the foreseer of the world, and therefore Jesus Christ’s death on the cross was a divinely ordained event. The New Testament not only suggests that the death of Jesus
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