Jesus Point Of The Teaching

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In Matthew 5:43-48 what was Jesus point in the teaching? Jesus, I feel had a few things that he wanted to express and teach to us. This begin with Jesus saying he heard it been said “Thou shalt love thy neighbor; and hate thine enemy”. His teaching here was to express why not love your enemies, even bless them to do god despite how they feel towards you. His teaching then goes to even the one who speak evil of you in response we still should speak kindly of them. Loving our enemies will also cause us to pray for their wellbeing and salvation which if they have a change of view could be a faithful servant of Jesus. If turning our backs on our enemies leaves them without a proper chance to following Jesus then are we really serving what God wants from us? Once you read Jesus teaching it is easier to show kindness and mercy when we can expect to benefit from doing so. I also feel this teaching shows how much harder we must work at something and expect nothing in return that could happen when you show someone love and not get it in return. However, Jesus does not say that you need to like your enemy or like what he does. Rather, you are called to love him or her. Jesus teaching also declares that friendship with one’s friends is nothing exceptional. His saying that even tax collectors should be loved, showed how his loved spread to all. In Jesus’ day, the tax collectors would collect taxes for the Roman government and then add a surcharge, which they kept. Since tax collectors
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