Jesus Role Model

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have been asked to create a research paper on your findings about Jesus as a Jew, the Son of God and ways that Jesus is a role model today. This will be created on OneNote during Religion lessons. PART A- The Contemporary Jesus
Select an image (picture) of Jesus that appeals to you.
Write a personal reflection to identify how Jesus is a role model for Christians and Catholic schools today. In your answer you could refer to his values, his message, etc (Approximately 100 words).

Jesus is a role model for Christians and Catholic Schools today through his examples and teachings of love. He teaches us to love our neighbors, each other and our enemies as he has loved us. Christians and Catholic
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Although he was only a young boy he was a faithful and committed Jew and regularly attended the synagogue. He respected the temple and called it "His father's house" (John 2: 13-22). He observed Passover and stayed an extra 3 days at the age 12 to learn from the temple teachers, although he knew the Torah well his eagerness to listen and question the teachers indicated his love and respect for the teachers and the Jewish faith. Although he was committed to the Hebrew Scriptures he was later rejected in Nazareth when he came to read at the synagogue (Luke 4:16). He took his faith very seriously, as did his family. As he Jesus continued his journey through faith and performed his first miracle the miracle at the wedding at Cana he continued to perform miracles such as healing the sick the lepers ( Matt 8:4). The Pharisee began to see him as a threat and started setting traps and questioning him in front of his listeners/follower ( Mark 12:18-31). But despite these obstacles Jesus told all those who listened " Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil" (Matt
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