Jet Life Apparel Case Study

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Jet Life Apparel Jet Life clothing has been one of the most successful start up businesses in the United States in the last five years. Jet Life provides customers with high quality fashion, that is popular to wear in any weather. Being the Ceo at Jet, it is my responsibility to make sure the company is operating smoothly and efficient to get the best results for the business and customers. Since the first day on the job, I have did a phenomenal job at keeping the company running strong in a competitive market such as clothing. The staff here at Jet, does an excellent job, being one of the primary reason to are success. With all the success Jet has been receiving , we are projected to be a top five brand on the Forbes list in the next coming years. Achieving the title as a top five brand on the forbes list, elevates this franchise in the conversation with companies like, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Coca-cola. Jet Life is on the path to dominate every major clothing brand, with Nike, Polo, and Jordan, being the only competition. Jet Apparel has a Franchise located around every capital in the United States and on the verge to be available in South America, Asia, Europe, and Russia. Being the Ceo of Jet has been a pleasant job, but just as any company problems always occur. Problem As of Lately Jet Life have
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