Business Case Study: Lyta Apparel

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Part I
A. Company name: Lyta Apparel
B. Categories: the company will have 6 categories: shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, knit sweaters, and briefs. Size ranges: S-XXXL, pants and shorts will range from 22 to 42 Price points: wholesale: $20-35: Retail: $50-$60
C. Sales volume; The average price is $30 X 13000 units = $390,000 Customer base: Men between 18 and 35 years who love fashion and they have an annual income of $50,000 to $110,000. This group is tech savvy and they can shop online as well as the traditional brick and mortar stores. Number of stores: ten retail stores and an online platform will be sufficient to reach the target market. Types of Stores: Exclusive men’s clothing store within cities that will be supplemented by an e-commerce website for those who wish to shop online. Size of average order: $30 average price X 1500 units= $45,000.
D. Next Line
Number of styles: 10 shorts + 20 pants + 10 shirts + 5 jackets + 10 knit sweaters + 10 briefs= 65 styles.
Projected volume: 13,000 units X $30 = 390, 000
Sales goal: $390, 000
E. Cost Sheets

Part II
A. Cost controlling
The production process will have to control cost to
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Automating this process will save time and cost compared to manual grading. Further, the company will invest in its skilled workforce such as designers. In the world of fashion, creativity is paramount and training employees will give them the skills that they need to develop competitive designs and patterns. The production plant will also be expected to have a recycling process for waste management to avoid penalties that as a result of environmental pollution. The production manager will also audit the process after every order to make sure that the actual cost matches the projections. Keeping track of the expenses will ensure that the production process remains affordable so that the business is
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