Jetliner by Naoshi Koriyama

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Now he takes his mark
At the farthest end of the runway
Looking straight ahead, eager, intense
With his sharp eyes shining

He takes a deep, deep breath
With his powerful lungs
Expanding his massive chest
His burning heart beating like thunders

Then… after a few… tense moments… of pondering
He roars at his utmost
And slowly beings to job
Kicking the dark earth hard
And now he begins to run
Kicking the dark earth harder
Then he dashes, dashes like mad, like mad
Howling, shouting, screaming, and roaring

Then with a most violent kick
He shakes off the earth's pull
Softly lifting himself into the air
Soaring higher and higher and higher still
Piercing the sea of clouds
Up into the chandelier of stars …show more content…

As he runs faster and faster his feet dig

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