Jfk Memory And Sense Memory Historiography

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To some extent a historian knowledge on an event rely on some of the ways of knowing. For example, when I was doing the assignment where we had to find different eye witnesses to an event some of the documents found relied on the ways of knowing. I did the assassination of JFK and when reading different accounts of what happened some used their memory and sense perception. One of the witnesses heard the gunshots from the west side of the building another witness saw one of the bullets hit Kennedy. The thing is when sense perception comes into play it may distort your memory. An example of distortion of your memory is if you participated in any of the wars we’ve had over time. Some of the soldiers seen and heard things no other human has ever seen or heard before so when they come back from war they have post-traumatic stress disorder and they can’t help but remember things that happen but is their memory distorted in a way? What you envision is probably worse or not even that bad compared to what it was before.…show more content…
On the cop side of things, people would pull of multitudes of crimes the African-American has done over he or she’s lifetime trying to discredit he or she. Therefore, when it comes to these situations to some extent historians can use the data, or testimonials used but at the same time they can’t. When it comes to history you would probably need some people to say that they were there and to provide details of what happened at the event. I mean history doesn’t come out of nowhere you do need some people and some documents to back up what you are
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