Jihadist Ideology

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Part of being an Army officer includes gaining as much knowledge about the current operational environment. Including all aspects like Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment, and Time (PMESII-PT) in order to be as successful as possible. “Knowing the Enemy: Jihadist Ideology and the War on Terror” by Mary Habeck is a critical informational read that directly assists with gaining information about the operational environment specifically in areas of Politics, Social, Information, and even Physical Environment because they all tie into religion through different angles. This book by Mary Habeck is about Radical Islamic Terrorism through all aspects and how it is connected to our western American culture. Its writing comes from one of the worst days in United States history known as September 11th when 19 men decided to attack by hijacking planes crashing into the Pentagon, Pennsylvania, and the World Trade Center. The American public is sometimes confused on who the enemy actually but with this book it is clearly explained through the organization of why those 19 men did it, how this terrorist thought has been created through history, and what the western world…show more content…
They believe that there are only true believers and that the rest of the world are unbelievers that have a sole purpose of destroying Islam. Anyone that is not a true believer shale be treated as a threat at all times. With society they believe every aspect of life should be controlled by shari’a law, with no popular elections or legislature. “The jihadists agree with fact that Islam requires political power and should run the state, but they believe that the faithful cannot wait for ideological change, but must use violence to create the Caliphate, which will maintain the struggle against unbelievers” (Habeck,
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