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ASSESSMENT 1 – Question and Answer 1. Describe any four skills an effective negotiator needs to have. Any effective negotiator requires these four skills: Active Listening – negotiators need to have the skill of actively listening to the person they are communicating with. Active listening involves the ability to read body language as well as verbal communication. It is arguably more important to listen to the other party to find areas for compromise during the meeting than it is for the negotiator to speak themselves. Verbal Communication - negotiators must also have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively to the other person during a negotiation. Misunderstandings can occur if the negotiator does not state their case …show more content…

Is necessary to include all information related to: deposits, total payment amount, penalties, cancellation costs, etc. Time frame (Duration) – the length of the contract is another aspect of the negotiation that is likely to be an issue between both parties and an agreement on the duration needs to be reached. The completion date, milestones from each task finished should be detailed. Conditions – the conditions of the contract between the two parties is also likely to be another important topic and one that both parties will look to gain as much as possible from the negotiation. Risk Management – detailing guarantees, bonds, type of contract, insurance, services/ product standards. Technical specification – detailing warranty, maintenance required, support of the product or service . 6. Describe the basic issues to be considered in the following situation: * One-off agreement * Contracts for ongoing supply of goods and/or services * Contracts with interstate supplies * Contracts with international supplies One-off agreement – an issue that may arise in a one-off agreement is the supplier may not provide a high quality of service as the parties are unlikely to do business together in the future. Contracts for ongoing supply of goods and/or services – there are many factors to discuss prior to negotiating a long-term contract. Some of these include the agreed cost of purchase, length

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