Job Description : Care Assistant Essay

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JOB TITLE: CARE ASSISTANT JOB DESCRIPTION Provides personal care and activities of daily living for clients/patients/residents to encourage desired level of functioning and operating. Supports clients/patients/residents in meeting their somatic, emotive and psychological needs. Provide care to patients by minding, progressing, observing, and assessing care and facilities. And even they have to work with the people of different cultures. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES • Assisted clients during bathing, grooming and dressing and other personal hygiene. • Fed client as and when required, measured intake and output. • Administered medications, suppositories and enemas, empty ostomy bags, collected specimens. • Helped in simple wound care, respiratory equipment use and urinary care. • Made patients aware of their treatment and took their consent for treatment. • Ensured the safety of client, observed and reported on client condition. • Assisted in assessing the medical history of patient and their health records. • Performed administration duties like updating and maintaining patient records. JOB DUTIES • The main duty is to do meeting with the patient and their family members to make them understand the role of care assistant; telling about the
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