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Nearly seven years ago, when I started working for the local DirecTV installation company, it wasn’t exactly a dream come true. I had the aptitude for it, having worked previously as a home theatre installer back in Kansas City, but this job was much easier by comparison. What made this job less than desirable were the hot attics, damp crawlspaces where I wasn’t always the only thing crawling around and the loose eaves near ideal dish mounting locations that were often home to swarms of hornets.

Less than a week into the job I was offered a promotion of sorts. They needed inspectors to verify that things were done correctly at several installation locations each week and they wanted someone who hadn’t been around long enough to make …show more content…

The best part of this situation for me was the pay. I was making $12.50 per inspection. That’s over $1500 per week! Despite the great pay, I had been unemployed for nearly a month before starting this job and because of tool costs to get started hadn’t taken home much during my first week as an installer. The first paycheck I received had an error in it. I was told by my Manager at the Paducah Office to call the corporate office and talk to payroll directly and they would handle it. I regularly heard new employees being told, “Call payroll and ask for an advance”, not just due to pay errors, but also to cover the startup costs of tools and ladders. This advice would soon lead to disaster.

For the first time in several months I was going to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my daughter for the weekend. I had received one puny paycheck and one nice one, but had spent everything to get caught up on bills that had accumulated during my unemployment. So, I did what experience and observation had taught me to do, I called payroll and asked for a relatively small advance to cover my weekend trip. Without incident a check showed up at the office the next day and my wife and I were off for a fun weekend with my daughter. It wasn’t until late the next week that all hell began to break loose.

I was on the road somewhere in Southern Illinois when I received an angry call from the district manager inquiring why I had “bypassed” him and gone

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